I was raised in a family of storytellers. My father was a master raconteur, one brother was a poet, another a musician. I believe life is all about stories, and that is what and how we share with one another.

I have a degree in Acting, and have retired from a 35-year career working on stage, in TV and film, and radio. That career informs and enriches my writing. I’ve raised a family, am now a doting grandmother, and have been blessed to meet and cross paths with some dear, colorful, challenging personalities.

I started writing stories when I was a young girl, wrote my first novel when in high school, and began writing for publication in my forties. I’m sixty-seven years young, and proudly wear the wrinkles and silver hair I’ve earned. I write every morning for a few hours, and sometimes come back to it in the afternoon, but mornings are my most creative time of the day. A native Texan, I live in the small historic town of Lockhart, where the air is redolent with myth and barbecue.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please follow me and join my observance of life through the lens of fiction, and specifically my new novel, Tiny Alice.