What Was The Inspiration?

Writers are often asked the question, “What was your inspiration for…” or how did you come up with the story, or are some of the stories in the book about you. I’ll give you my quick answers.

My inspiration for Tiny Alice came from strong characters from other stories of mine. I loved them. The character of Alice I pulled from a short story I’d written years ago. The characters of Pirate, Chick, and Bert came from what I call a “book start”, in other words the beginning of a novel that never got off the ground. But I adored Alice and was thoroughly charmed by Pirate, Chick, and Bert, so I began to craft a book around the characters.

I was eager to see how they would come together, how their disparate lives and world views would change as a result of their interactions with one another. The characters were bare bones when I started. As I fleshed them out, and they began to direct the story, they began to come into full bloom. Part of the fun was devising how to bring them together from such different backgrounds and allow their journeys to touch and then mesh. And I get excited when the characters seem to take over the story and steer it in directions I’d not planned or expected. These characters did that.

Most novelists see themselves in one or more of their characters. I’ve not based any of the Tiny Alice characters on actual persons from my life, but there are definitely aspects of people I’ve known or currently know, and aspects of me. How could there not be? The book, however, is total fiction.

There are many more questions writers are asked, by curious friends or readers, in interviews, by other authors. I’ll address more of these in future blogs. Stay tuned. And remember Tiny Alice is available for purchase in paperback or e-book form on Amazon.com. Be a reader!

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